Telephone Calls

Doctors have a duty of care to ensure that repeat medications or referrals remain appropriate, and a short consultation is required to check on this.

Telephone Calls

Communication with patients via telephone is conducted with appropriate regard to the privacy and confidentiality of the patient and their health information.

At 7Springs Medical Practice, patients are welcome to leave a message with reception to be passed on to the doctor. Doctors will review messages throughout the day and advise whether a consultation is required or if they choose to contact the patient themselves. This will all be done at doctor’s discretion and at a time suitable with their schedule.

7Springs Medical Practice may choose to charge a fee for telephone communication; however the cost will be clearly conveyed to the patient at the beginning of the call, specifically Telehealth appointments. An administrator may call be after this consultation for payment of your appointment with the GP.

Rotary phone dial

Results of investigations may be relayed to patients by telephone. The person responsible for giving the results ensures that the recipient of the advice is correctly identified using three patient identifiers so that patient confidentiality is not compromised.

If a person calls to ask if a family member or friend is or has been at 7Springs Medical Practice, they must be advised that the Practice abide by a strict privacy and confidentiality policy and therefore no such information is disclosed. If the query is pursued, the caller must be advised that a message will be taken and a GP will return their call as soon as convenient.

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