Making an Appointment

Easily schedule your appointments at 7Springs Medical Practice in Toowoomba to ensure timely access to exceptional healthcare services.

How to Make an Appointment

To make an appointment with a GP or nurse at 7Springs Medical Practice Toowoomba, please dial (07) 4529 2777. This will take you to our automated phone system, please see the table below for the system options, you can key ahead at any time.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency please dial 000. If you require Medical Advice, we suggest St Vincent’s Private Hospital Emergency Department on 4690 4444 (please note private fees apply) or Toowoomba Hospital in Peachy Street.

7Springs Medical Practice is open Monday to Saturday by appointment. We are located at 881 Ruthven Street, Kearneys Spring opposite Toowoomba Plaza at 878 Ruthven Street.

We open our telephone lines from 7am Monday to Friday, and 8am on Saturdays. 7Springs Medical Practice is closed on Sundays & Public Holidays.

7Springs Medical Practice Phone System Options

Press 5 for Other queries.

Press 1 Medical Appointments
Press 2 X-Ray Appointments
Press 3 Dental Appointments
Press 4 Psychology Appointments

Key ahead at any time.

Alternatively you can use our online booking system.

Online Bookings

How we Handle Incoming Calls

Please be aware that sometimes the number of incoming calls to the Practice can outweigh the resources we have available to answer each call. We always strive to answer every call in a timely manner but during peak times you may have to wait for your call to be answered. Other factors such as staff shortages due to illness, increased bookings and enquiries for flu and/or covid clinics, reception staff unable to answer calls due to in-person patient interactions etc. can all affect wait times for incoming calls. We apologise if there are increased wait times for incoming calls but we hope that you can understand the reasons for any delays.

7Springs Medical Practice has a zero tolerance policy towards violence whether it be physical, verbal or emotional. Our staff may end a phone call if they encounter violent or threatening verbal behaviour. Such interactions may be recorded into a patient’s chart if applicable and escalated if deemed appropriate. Doctors and practice staff have a right to care for others without fear of being attacked or abused.

For more information on alternative methods of communication with our Practice such as the TIS (Translating and Interpreting Service), please visit our Communication page.

Making an Appointment

7Springs Medical Practice | 881 Ruthven Street | Toowoomba | QLD | 4350 | f: 07 4529 2700 | p: 07 4529 2777