Medical & Nursing Students

Nursing Students work under the supervision of Registered Nurses (RN), Enrolled Nurses (EN) and Assitants in Nursing (AIN) to help General Practitioners in providing a range of services to patients.

Medical & Nursing Students

7Springs Medical Practice believes we have a responsibility to participate in the education of the next generation of doctors – the current medical students.

A positive educational experience in general practice assists in producing clinical staff who are competent across a broad range of medical and emotional problems.

The presence of a third party observing or being involved in clinical care during consultation only occurs with the prior consent of the patient. We will ensure we ask for your consent prior to your consultation. Please feel free to let us know if you do not consent to the presence of a third party. All Students on placements at 7Springs are bound by strict confidentiality agreements.

Thank you for your support in allowing the student to be present during your consultation. If you do not wish the Student to sit in on your consultation please advise the Receptionist.

Medical Students

Medical Students at 7Springs will never go unsupervised but will gain valuable knowledge about General Practice and the role of the General Practitioner in the community. Medical Students will learn about autonomy, the decision making process and the wide variety of conditions presenting to GPs on a case-by-case basis in a real-life setting.

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Nursing Students

At 7Springs we encourage Student Nurses to participate in all areas of General Practice under the strict supervision of Registered Nurses (RNs). The opportunity to be involved in many diverse nursing areas in General Practice provides Student Nurses with a broader knowledge and understanding of their profession.

The 7Springs Training Centre regularly facilitates training for GP Registrars. This training involves scenarios of emergency situations which may occur in General Practice settings. We encourage any Student Nurses who may be on placement with us to be involved in these training events. Each scenario is based on the real-life experience of a GP and great care is taken to try and maintain the fidelity of the experience and outcomes. Student Nurses who have participated in these training events have found the experience to be highly valuable.

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