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  • < 5 years - Bulk Billed
  • 5 to 16 years - Private Billed
  • 17 to 80 years – Private Billed
  • > 80 years – Doctor's Discussion

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How long have you worked at 7Springs?
Since August 2013

How do you feel about working at 7Springs as a GP?
Love it, the collegiate and support is great, the commitment to good patient care and sharing of knowledge and experience is outstanding. There is also a commitment to teaching and to lifelong learning.

What are you areas of special interest:

What is your billing Policy?

Not all concession cards carry a discount; our discounted fees are for our patients in genuine need.

Gardening, Cooking

What do you see as the future for General Practice in Australia?
General Practice is the basic building block on which the rest of medical care depends. It is essential for community health, public health and covers all aspects of medical care for the community. Unfortunately this is not understood and therefore not valued by governments at all levels.

What is your best medical tip for your patients?
Don’t expect good comprehensive care to be free- thorough medical care comes at a price for us all. However we also understand that at times they are in difficulty, personally we will try and accommodate their needs.

Anything else you would like to share with our patients?
Help patients to understand to come prepared and to know what they want to achieve in 15 minutes and if their needs are complex to book a longer appointment.

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