Dr Emma Gardiner-Smith

Billing Policy:

  • < 5 years - Bulk Billed
  • 5 to 16 years - Private Billed
  • 17 to 80 years – Private Billed
  • > 80 years – Private - discount if has pension card

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Post nominals:

How long have you worked at 7Springs?
6 years

How do you feel about working at 7Springs as a GP?
7Springs is a beautiful practice filled with compassionate caring people who love to help each other out and are fun to be around. I feel so honoured to be able to journey with people in their lives and help or support them where I can.

What are you areas of special interest:

What is your billing Policy?

Not all concession cards carry a discount; our discounted fees are for our patients in genuine need.

I love learning new things so I have plenty of hobbies but I wouldn’t profess to be an expert at any of them. The last few years, I’ve enjoyed messing around on the piano, painting, lawncare and adventure racing (which is basically orienteering crossed with bushwalking, running, cycling and/or kayaking).

What do you see as the future for General Practice in Australia?
I hope to see it valued by the government as good cost saving preventative medicine.

What is your best medical tip for your patients?
Find a sport or activity you enjoy, and do it regularly. Even better if it’s with people you enjoy hanging around.

Anything else you would like to share with our patients?
Prevention is much better than a cure. Come and see us before you have a long list of concerns.

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