Dr Bushra Mubarka

Billing Policy:

  • < 5 years - Bulk Billed
  • 5 to 16 years - Private Billed
  • 17 to 80 years – Private Billed
  • > 80 years – Doctor's Discussion

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Post nominals:
BSc (med), MBBS

How long have you worked at 7Springs?
Since January 2022.

How do you feel about working at 7Springs as a GP?
It seems like the Practice is very organised & I am hoping that I’ll love to be part of this already successful organization.

What are you areas of special interest:

What is your billing Policy?

Not all concession cards carry a discount; our discounted fees are for our patients in genuine need.


What do you see as the future for General Practice in Australia?
We will need more doctors in General Practice, especially in rural and remote Australia to fulfill the health needs of the general population.

What is your best medical tip for your patients?
Don’t hide anything from your doctor & lawyer.

Anything else you would like to share with our patients?
I have command in other languages like Urdu, Hindi & Punjabi. I love multiculturalism & openness to accept people from different ethnic backgrounds.

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