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Fee Structure as at 03/03/2019

Successive governments have failed to regularly increase Medicare rebates. This means that rebates have not kept pace with the cost of living, and have never covered the true cost to practices of delivering quality medical care. To ensure we can continue to provide you with quality healthcare, and cover our operational costs, we are required to set fees at this level, and reduce the amount of bulk billing we have traditionally offered to our patients. Thank you for your understanding.

Item Name - Short Description 7Springs Fee Medicare Rebate Gap
Non Attendance of Booked Appointment $35.00    
Routine Consultations:
Item Name - Short Description 7Springs Fee Medicare Rebate Gap
Brief $58.00 $17.90 $40.10
Standard $80.00 $39.10 $40.90
Long $130.00 $75.75 $54.25
Extended $180.00 $111.50 $68.50
+60 Minutes $220.00 $111.50 $108.50
Discount     $35.00
Saturday Standard $90.00 $39.10 $50.90
Saturday Long $140.00 $75.75 $64.25

Not all concession cards carry a discount; our discounted fees are for our patients in genuine needs

All fees are to be paid in full on the day of the appointments

Some GP Management plans and GP Mental Health plans will also carry an out-of-pocket fee of $50. All minor skin procedures/ plastering and IV fluids carry a $55 facility fee.

INR and dressing appointments will incur a $30 fee

If you are unable to keep an appointment please advise reception as early as possible. Failure to cancel an appointment will attract a $35 fee.

Repeat Prescriptions, Referrals & Medical Certificates

These are not generally provided outside of the consultation.

We request that you phone and make an appointment if you require repeat prescriptions, referrals or certificates. Doctors have a duty of care to ensure that repeat medication or referral remains appropriate, and a short consultation is required to check on this. These appointments can generally be accommodated same-day if urgent.

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